Download the Fair Field Project Report

Above: Vivien Ellis performing in Fair Field in the Malvern Hills (Photograph by Graeme Braidwood)


our years in the planning. Over 40 people employed. 64 crowdfunders. 11 partner organisations. 5 hours of live performance. These are just some of the numbers we’ve crunched in producing the Fair Field Project Report, which you can download as a PDF or read below using Issuu.

It has been humbling reading the many generous comments on the project – from the spell-binding live performances in the Malvern Hills to workshops that introduced schoolchildren to medieval poetry for the first time.

“What an imaginative and contemporary performance. I can’t stop thinking about it!”

“A brilliant and brave idea. You’ve managed to put Piers Plowman on the map.”

“An inspiring and well-considered exhibition.”

“I have been medievalling with my Years 7s – they loved it.”