Check out our Top Ten Medieval Memes


rom nightmarish scenes of torture to bawdy depictions of drinking and sex, the margins of medieval manuscripts are fertile ground for the imagination, as these ten hilarious internet memes demonstrate. We’ve left the final image uncaptioned, so leave your own suggestions in the comments!

1. The Kelis Bayeux Meme

2. The Roll Your Own Meme

3. The Rabbit Revenge Meme

4. The Aggressive Mermaid Meme

5. The No Fucks Bayeux Meme

6. The Stab Meme

7. Another Stab Meme

8. The Drunk Cooking Meme

9. The DJ Banger Meme

10. The Horse Chat Meme

And because we couldn’t help it… Here is Jedi Master Yoda hiding in the margins of a medieval manuscript